Quantum Binary Signals review

quantum binary signals review

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I am writing this Quantum binary signals review because it is a trading signal provider that I use till today.It makes me profit and is one of my best binary options signals services.But I would like to mention some things that you cannot find on the official quantumbinarysignals.com website.Let’s start with this binary options signals review.

Summary of Quantum binary signals service

Signals are sent on Forex,commodities,stocks and indices and at different times throughout the day.You will be receiving the alerts by both SMS and email to your contact info you typed in when you signed up for the service. June 2014 update: last months Quantum sends trading signals mostly on EUR/USD currency pair. This is because EUR/USD is the most stable and predictable Forex trading pair.This way Quantum binary signals increased their success rate,as I describe later on this post.

The format of the binary options trading signals provided is simple: asset,up or down,price and expiry time.The expiry times vary from 10 minutes up to an hour. This is a good thing as most brokers offer these expiry times. Take a look at my regulated binary options brokers comparison table to see which of them offer them.

Quantum binary signals official site claims that it sends up to 3 signals every trading day.I use them for three months and I have received 171 binary options signals which is better than most of their competitors.Some days I received one trading alert but others I got five. June 2014 update: Quantum has reduced the number of the binary options trading signals they send. They now send around 25 trading alerts per month. This was a nice move from the provider.They send less but lower-risk trading signals.This way they increased their performance ratio.The important thing is to receive winning binary options signals, not many.

Please note the official site is clean and “professional” but not as informative as those of other binary option signal providers. Traders that have not used trading alerts before or haven’t read this binary options trading signals review may not be able to understand exactly how and if it works.

Proven Performance of Quantum Binary Signals

The official quantumbinarysignals.com website gives only the results of the last ten signals.This was one more reason I am doing the Quantum binary signals review, unlike my Updown signals review. June 2014 update: they have stopped updating the trading signals every day.They update it every month or so. Now the official site provides only the results up to January 2014.Below is the screenshot of the results.

Quantum binary signals results

-click to enlarge- Quantum binary signals results

So my real results are: in three months I received (Updated): 171 202 signals. 124 141 of them won and 47 61 lost.This is a real good performance of 72.5% 69,8% success,more than many binary signal services I have used.

June 2014 update: With the two changes I describe above Quantum binary signals managed to increase their performance up to an average 76% mothly success rate. Of course not 85% as they claim on their official site,but it is still one of the winning binary options trading signals services.Believe me,there are many providers out there that will make you lose a lot of money.It is my second best trading signals provider and it makes me profit.Not a large profit but still a profit. That is why I keep using this service.But if you look for the best performing binary signals provider go to my Franco’s Binary Options Trading Signals review.

Conclusion of the Quantum binary signals review


– alerts are not provided a specific time each day.So you should have internet access when they are sent and be ready to place the trades throughout the day. The good thing is that you will receive the signals on your mobile phone via sms.


+ very good historical performance (72,5% 69,8% – 76% June 2014 update – tested by me for three months nine months).A lot above the real average of other trading signal services.

+ expiry times compatible with most binary options brokers

+trial period to test it yourself

red arrow pointing quantum binary signals website

 Click here to try Quantum Binary Signals with $9.99 for seven days



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I will come back with this quantum binary signals review after a month or two if something changes.

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  1. Jiri Horsky - 2014/06/29 21:49

    Hello, Quantum binary signals offers automated trading. What is your opinion on it. Thank you. Jiri

  2. pbrechmannhilip - 2014/06/29 14:18

    Hi George
    Have you tryed quantums auto trader option? And are there any benefits with not chosing that option?

    • George Garoufalis - 2014/07/02 20:45

      Hi,I have not tried Quantum auto trade for two reasons.First,I do not trust trading signals software programs that trade for me.I had really bad experience with binary options signals software in the past. Second,I do not like the services that “force” you to open an account with a “recommended” binary options broker in order to get free signals. You can read about why I do not like them on my last review of Binary Matrix Pro. I don’t even know if this service provides the same signals with Quantum Binary Signals.If anyone knows please leave a comment.

      • sammyboi - 2014/07/10 07:02

        so which trading platform would you prefer? quantum auto trade or quantum binary signals? I am an absolute beginner, and in order to make good money and have a high level of reliability, which one should a newbie like me choose? So as to prevent the learning curve which I think is very steep?

  3. Mary - 2014/06/25 10:07

    You said there ain’t specific time provided! So you should stay on the internet all day, what if you are at work?

    • George Garoufalis - 2014/07/02 10:23

      Hi Mary. First,the time frame of the trading signals is when the market is open.You don’t have to wait the whole day.Second,Quantum binary signals send their alerts through SMS. You receive the binary options signal on your mobile and you place the trade.It may be better for you to try Franco’s Binary Options Trading Signals. Franco trades for about 1.5-2 hours every day,you watch him live and you copy the trades.

  4. jason - 2014/06/12 04:36

    meaning… they dont deliver what they promise!!

    • George Garoufalis - 2014/06/19 06:14

      You are right Jason. Most of the signal providers could make you lose a lot of money.

  5. Joseph - 2014/06/11 04:59

    Do you believe that Quantum binary signals is still a good one ? or would you recommend something else nowadays ?

    • George Garoufalis - 2014/06/11 06:33

      Hi Joseph, I still make profit with Quantum binary signals.But you should be patient to make a really good profit. If you have to choose just one signal provider I would suggest you read my Binary Options Trading Signals by Franco review. You can make the biggest profit following Franco but it is a live trading signals service and it is a bit different. This is why you should read my review first where I explain everything with the important details.

      • jason - 2014/06/12 04:34

        most binary option traders are like humans….. a dime a dozen

  6. ashley - 2014/03/22 13:11

    hi have you tried the pro signals on this yet they claim a lot about this

  7. Jacob - 2013/11/12 10:06

    Hi George, really appreciate the information you share. By the way, do you ever had experience with binaryoptions-live-signals.com. Look forward to hear from you.

    Thank you

  8. JASON - 2013/10/29 19:26

    im looking at quantim binary signals auto trade… they claim a 60% roi monthly! is this another scam??

  9. Paula - 2013/09/28 00:15

    Hi, George! Congratulations for your blog. It´s really helpful.
    I´m writting from Brazil and I would like to make a question about the (link removed)
    Have you used? They offer 3 days trial for free and after that, you have to make a deposit on safe24options.

    And about the 60secondsstrategy of Keith Jones?


    • Eric - 2014/02/28 10:15

      Safe24options seems to be a scam! watch out!! see experience on web

      • George Garoufalis - 2014/06/02 11:23

        Hi Eric,I have also read a lot about this binary options broker.I stayed away from it,as well.

  10. Kulyash - 2013/09/23 14:37

    Thank for useful information. I am first time and what a kind of signals you recommend for me.

  11. Beauty - 2013/09/13 19:52

    Thanks for this blog, it’s really informative. I want to know whether you can use any broker using francos signal or it works only with 24option.

  12. Hendra - 2013/08/14 15:49

    Thank you for your blog! It’s really helpful!
    I have some further questions:
    1. Quantum binary signals offers some kind of a auto trade related program What do you say about it?
    2. Will UpDown Signals work for me if I use 24option?

    • George Garoufalis - 2013/09/03 18:29

      Hi Hendra,thank you.For the first take a look at my reply to Ollie.
      2.Updown signals sends alerts for trades that expire after three hours.This means that you need a binary options broker with an option builder. Banc de binary has one (bbinary.com) and is a good broker.

  13. Ollie - 2013/08/02 16:14

    Hi George,

    Have you used quantum binary signals automated service? It is associated with beeoptions.com. Based on their claim that they have a 60% success rate (although you have found higher) If one was to invest $10,000, set automation to 5% trades ($500) over three months one could see make a profit of $12,600? This looks very appealing as an invested? What are your thoughts on this?

    Best regards

  14. naumi - 2013/07/31 20:49

    hi george

    iam from india …can u tell me about wht BOS actual do …if i invest in so they take any tax… or extra charge…..

    and can i invest in $100 ?

    how many profit get me if i invest $100

    • George Garoufalis - 2013/09/03 18:11

      Hi Naumi.There are no taxes and no extra charges.The profit depends on the binary options broker.But they all give around 80%.This means if you invest $100 in a trade you will get $80 profit.But you should not place all your money in one trade.You may lose your first trade. I usually advise binary options traders to invest around 10% of their budget on each trade.

  15. Anisiobi - 2013/07/31 01:08

    Hi George, its an interesting reviews you’ve got here, please i want to ask you if you have any experience about binaryoptionbox.com because am looking forward to joining them in a few days……please help me out with any knowledge about them you may have idea about

    • George Garoufalis - 2013/09/03 18:04

      Hi Anisiobi,thank you.Yes I have tried this binary options signals provider.I had about 60% success.They offer “free” signals but they ask you to deposit money to a binary options broker they have chosen.When you deposit they take money from the broker.I prefer to pay $100 or $200 to a service and get 10% or even 5% better success rate.You can try it of course and then use the money you deposited with other binary options trading signals services. In that case choose the 24option or bank de binary broker.

  16. Osman Elvis - 2013/07/29 18:17

    Hey there, this are really working I guess? I am a newbie, and I have 400$ on StockPair. Using one of these signals above, that you rate them as good, how much can I make per month? I am a student and I do not have any good income. I want to make something but not to be scamed by the internet :(. Please help me !

  17. Niranjan - 2013/07/28 05:53

    I guess the one who needs Hands free / Auto trading service- if I’m not wrong Quantum Binary is the only one available amongst the services you’ve reviewed. I can’t trade regularly due to my full time job. Let me know if you know any other AT service who is reliable, has a better Win ratio than QBS.

    This is the equation they present in the mail(it doesn’t consider their $149 Monthly fee though)..

    What can a $500 account can make after 7 months when you make 60% yield every month?
    One month : $500 +60%= $800
    Two months: $800 +60%=$1,280
    Three months: $1280+60%= $2,048
    Four months : $2048 +60%= $3,276
    Five months :$3276 +60%= $5,242
    Six months: $5242 +60%= $8,388
    Seven months: $8388 +60%= $13,421
    Now the trader can pull $5000 monthly income out of the account and trade with the rest, $8000

  18. Russell - 2013/07/26 17:48

    Is quantum binary signals giving you the best results so far? and What is the best alternative to quantum binary signals? any comments appreciated.

    • George Garoufalis - 2013/07/26 22:12

      Hi Russel, no quantum signals is not the best service.Specially this month was not so successful. I get the best results from Franco’s Binary Options Trading Signals (click the first link on the sidebar menu to read my review).My second best is Binary options Pro signals.But this month UpDown Signals was better than Pro.I think this signals service is getting better and better. But it changed its trial to $25 for 7 days.However, they offer a 60-days money-back guarantee.Just email them and you will get your money back if you are not satisfied.They will not ask you why.

      • Devin - 2013/08/19 03:02

        Hey Gary,

        Thanks for putting together this blog.

        Is your current ranking still 1) Binary Options Trading Signals 2) Binary Options Pro 3) UpDown and then 4) Quantum?


      • George Garoufalis - 2013/09/10 11:26

        Hi Devin,
        My first choice is still Binary options trading signals. As for the Binary options Pro signals,Quantum Signals and Updown signals, the last two months they have come really close to each other.I am not sure what my ranking order is any more.It is more what suits you the best.

  19. Connie Obar - 2013/07/23 02:59

    Hi .Thanks for your blog…plz update us more about yourntading result. More power ,,,


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